The operator of Dreamvalley Meditation Centre is the Dreamvalley Meditation Foundation. The mission of the foundation is supporting a sound mind and body lifestyle, being of service to individuals, the Hungarian nation, the evolution of our planet  in a benevolent and altruistic fashion as well as building a community.

Dreamvalley Meditation Centre was built over 6 years and our Sponsors are exclusively the type of people whose minds and hearts are in the right place. We have received neither government nor foreign grants, we have not won tenders, either. Our Sponsors have not expected and are not looking for any profit whatsoever.

We respect the fact that every individual picks the community that resonates with them and their frequency. We welcome all who beside regular meditation and community life feel the need to express the intellectual truth and wish to learn about the nature, operation and inner laws of the universe based on scientific research work. Wisdom is nothing but knowledge powered by love.

– We welcome any new and keen member who is interested and wants to develop. One of our goals is to preserve the emotional and intellectual purity of our community, avoiding gossiping, giveing unwanted advice or make judgements.