The Martial Artists for Healthy Children Movement (HEGYEM) was founded in early 2010 with the aim of helping disadvantaged children through teaching traditional martial arts and their physical and mental strengthening tools. Today, after a decade and a half, HEGYEM Movement has become international, with ATEMI mentored martial arts communities of mind and practice in Japan, Nepal, Indonesia, Germany, Sri Lanka, USA, among others, under the name ATEMI Martial Arts Budo Academy. A significant number of children do not have access to mentoring and methodology sufficient for mental development beyond physical growth and intellectual fulfillment. Their mental development, the much-popular ‘consciousness raising’, does not always take place at the right way and pace. The processes of healthy living, good conduct and ‘becoming a good person’ are stunted or absent from children’s lives. Their basic social and mental problems prevent them from socialising properly in society, living healthy lives and dreaming of a happy future.
We provide support at several levels. It can be a permanent educational process or one occasional one, promoting sport or even intellectual development. Training opportunities, teaching, mentoring, coaching camps are all parts of Atemi’s support palette. HEGYEM – ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY always keeps in mind what each child needs and what kind of support, assistance could bring about catching up, integration and equal opportunities in the life of the child, according to the values of the spiritual tradition lines.
The aim of HEGYEM founders was to help disadvantaged children and their families who, because of their basic social problems, are unable to socialise properly in society and lead a happy and healthy life. The teachers at HEGYEM – ATEMI help to promote inclusion, integration and equal opportunities through the teaching of traditional martial arts and their methodology and values. It helps to create mental-physical-spiritual health, a happier, more compassionate human life.

Dr. Gubacsi Attila Ph.D
ATEMI Martial Arts Budo Academy
Martial Artists for Healthy Children Movement
International CEO