The HEGYEM (Martial Arts for Healthy Children) Movement was founded in the beginning of 2010 to help children with poor financial background with the tools of martial arts strengthening the body and soul.

Up to now HEGYEM Movement has become international, named ATEMI Martial Arts Budo Academy namely in Nepal, Indonesia, Germany, South Africa, India, the USA, Japan and Portugal.

In these countries there are ATEMI mentored martial arts communities. The majority of children do not get mentoring support, techniques of learning, which would be adequate for their physical and mental development.  Their spiritual growth, the ever so popular awareness raising is not taking place in the right manner. Leading a healthy lifestyle, becoming a better person are a bit ify or non-existent. They simply cannot integrate into society due to basic social and mental issues let alone leading a happy and healthy life, nurturing their dreams.

Support appears on several levels. There can be general or ad hoc educational moments regarding sport or mental health. That means trainings, master support, participation in bootcamp are just to name a few.

HEGYEM – ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY always pays attention on the individual child and whatever they need they’ll get it along with the basic values of martial arts. We look at what background support could help them catch up, integrate into society and give them an equal opportunity.

HEGYEM – Martial Arts for Healthy Children 2010 was founded in the beginning of 2010 to help children with poor financial background to learn to lead a happy and healthy life and could socialise and integrate into society.

The Masters of HEGYEM support these kids with the beliefs and values of martial arts and help them integrate and support the equal opportunity plan.

HEGYEM Movement patrons children of hard up families according to its own educational model and martial art training plan to realize a sound mind in a sound body.