The ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY is an international gathering place for those who practice, walk on different spiritual paths and martial artists not wanting to defeat, but to support each other and to cooperate. For those who value the progress in self-knowledge, continuous learning and diligent practice. For those who value the rise of compassion, respect and acceptance of each other, and have a vision of a love-centred new world, a compassion-oriented, more human way of life. The mission of the teachers, masters and members of the ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY- HEGYEM is to support present and future generations in their mental effort for a new world with a pure spirit. To combine the respect for our fellow human beings and our Ancestors, our traditions and the knowledge of the latest scientific research through the lenses of TRUTH-ACCEPTANCE and LOVE-COMPASSION. This is the HEGYEM Movement, the ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY, which runs practicing communities in 9 countries.